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im looking for a grant are help in none rual areas to low income family

mystrie35 started this conversation

I cant get any loans are help to rebuild my home are repair my home and it says i have to b3 65 and older to get a grant. im disabled unable to work and fighting for SSI disablity. my house is falling apart I need someone to help me here. and cant affored these sites i have to pay for credit is to bad to get any help.

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 in response to primativa...   

i dont believ in god he would not let me suffer as i do medically socially and financhilly what do people think im super man or rich beyond the word rich i have nothing but more than some ,./.. i know a guy who gets both ssdi and ssi he has a wife who earns 600.00 a week working they have no kids yet they are set for life he just went and bought a brand new four wheel drive four wheeler like he needed on he weighs about 350 dr has told him to lose weight he says thats not the problem his problem is his back yet he can lift and haul bag of coal to heat his home with no problem he lays around watching tv and eating junk food like he is king , social security should crak down on him as he rubs it in my face how much he gets and wastes on junk game boy etc then shows me his bank statement with direct deposit from both social security disabiltiy and supplemental security payments right there in black and white on paper ive seen it fist hand so i know for sure yet social security has turned me away many times when i applied for supplemental security payments they send to welfare for help and shove me out the door as i recieve ssdi alone i can not make ends meet at all and now ive stopped trying too ill not pay another bill as long as i live ill go to jail first one doctor has already told to leave his office he would not treat me any more my HMO did not pay DR at all for treatment they infact authorized ahead of time then said no payment for services rendered no prior authorization when i have it in my hand they say no payment my injections into my spine cost nearly 2,ooo a piece and i get four every 3 months that are not being paid my credit is ruiend by the HMO i want to sue them for this its unfair

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 in response to primativa...   

 i have been disabled for 18 years with no improvement expected at all i am in very much pain 24/7 i take lots of meds for it i can not work at any level 100% disabled i applied for SSI to go with my SSDI i have been recieving social security flatly told me i recieve to much disability from social security to be elligable for the SSI program my house need a new roof it leaks and is uninsulated an olde farm house my truck pickup is a 1990 with 250,000 miles on it needs new brakes badly ,as it is to get to doctors i have to shift to low gear its an automatic transmission in order to get stopped and i dont drive very fast either it really has no brakes but my roof is worse , im not able to get ssi ,and am forced to live and pay my bills on 611.00 dollars i have a mortgage too insureance costs , and heating fuel , yet they turned me down said to apply for welfare i did that was a joke to them as i do recieve social security disabilityand they turned me away now my HMO wont pay the doctor i have been seeing so he asked me to leave his practice for non-- payment can i get a lawyer to help me i dont have anything ,not much money, nothing left to sell as i have been disabled for 18 years and live on nothing

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there is help for remodeling your home through the disability commission in your area. They can refer you to organizations that do that to help you. You should not be suffering so much misery. May God Give you All that you need.

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